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100% Certified Organic.

Everything we grow is certified organic. But beyond being certified, we have dedicated ourselves to practicing responsible and considerate methods of farming, educating others on how to be sustainable, and restoring health not only to consumers but to our planet as well.

From seedlings to shelf, we take great care in every stage of our products. All of our produce is washed then packed in renewable and compostable crates made from plant-based materials. Down to the way we tie our bundles, we strive to leave behind as minimal a footprint as possible.

Take a look at the many products we offer at Yarrowhead Farms. We're confident we can provide your family, restaurant, or market the most diverse and freshest certified organic line of food in the area.





A traditional bright orange carrot, this flavorful and very sweet root exclaims fresh.

Available stand alone or in our Medley Bundle.


Slightly deeper orange in color, this carrot is lively and sweet providing quite the contrast of fresh taste against other carrots.

Available stand alone or in our Medley Bundle.

Deep Purple

Breathtakingly beautiful color on any plate, these carrots feature violet tones and exceptional flavor.

Available only in our Medley Bundle.


A refreshingly bright addition to our carrot varieties, Yellowbunch adds a burst of sunshine as well as sweet and a little bite to your plate.

Available only in our Medley Bundle.



Garlic Scapes

The green shoots of a garlic plant, use garlic scapes like you would scallions. When enjoyed fresh they impart robust garlic flavor and when cooked they become enticingly aromatic.

Available by the bundle.


An extra-hardy German variety, this garlic boasts jumbo cloves and a balanced taste between sweet and heat.

Available by single bulbs.





Goes well with just about anything, cilantro is a savory staple in any kitchen.

Available in 1-oz bundles.


The taste of summer, a fresh addition to endless drinks, entrées and desserts.

Available in 1-oz bundles.


Pungent taste and aroma, deep, woody flavor.

Available in 1-oz bundles.

Sweet Basil

A slightly peppery to clove-like aroma and taste initially, this savory herb finishes sweet. Adds a delightful twist when paired with fruits.

Available in 1-oz bundles.



Green Sweet

A sweet palette that is succulent and crispy, this lacy green gives a change in texture that holds up to any dressing.

Available only in our Spring Mix.

Red Sweet

Like its greener cousin, Red Sweet lettuce looks delicate with it's double red leaves, but has a crunchy crisp bite to balance out the softer greens. The color is absolutely gorgeous when plated.

Available only in our Spring Mix.

Red Butter

A full bodied sweet and smooth lettuce with a soft crunch. Beautiful bright green fading into deep reds, it gives depth in color and flavor.

Available in our Spring Mix and rosette head.

Green Butter

This lettuce variety lives up to it's name with a smooth, sweet and buttery taste. A showcase green to brighten your bowl.

Available in our Spring Mix and rosette head.

Deer Tongue

Heirloom lettuce with excellent and robust flavour. Large tongue-shaped leaves give a unique appearance and texture to our Spring Mix.

Available only in our Spring Mix.

Red Romaine

Lettuce that tastes as bold as it looks. Lively green stems fade into deep red leaves. Gorgeous when plated.

Available in our Spring Mix and a compact head.



Lunchbox Mini Peppers

A miniature sized sweet and flavorable bell pepper for a crisp cold snack or a delicious sautéed addition to your main course.

Available by the pound.

King Arthur Bell Peppers

A traditional sweet pepper with thick, juicy walls in bold red and green color.

Available by the pound.





With smooth dark green leaves and delicate texture, this spinach is excellent fresh, or fares beautifully as a last minute touch to a consommé.

Available in personal and family portions.


The meatier texture of this very dark green spinach leaf is delightful and velvety when eaten raw, but also stands up to being sautéed while maintaining it's structure.

Available in personal and family portions.

Cherry Tomatoes


Sun Gold

One of our favorites at Yarrowhead, these bright tangerine-orange cherry tomatoes are exceptionally sweet with an intense fruity flavor that really can't be beat.

Available in pint and quart sizes and in our Salad Mixer.



A classic red cherry whose name says it all. These delectable little fruits add sweetness and color.

Available in quart and pint sizes and in our Salad Mixer.


Deep red grape tomatoes that boast unusually rich, fruit-like flavour.

Available in pint and quart sizes and in our Salad Mixer.



Bright and cheery, these cherry's are bold in color and flavor. Orange fruits are sweet and tangy and really make a splash to any dish.

Available in pint and quart sizes and in our Salad Mixer.

Black Cherry

Like it's name, these cherry's are almost black in color but have so much dynamic flavor, they resemble an heirloom.

Available in pint and quart sizes.




Big, beautiful, beefsteak tomatoes, Fredrick is perfect for slicing. Boasts traditional flavor that is slightly tangy to sweet while maintaining balance. 

Available by the pound.

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye

A work of art in itself, the fruit skins are dark pink with green striping while boasting pink flesh with yellow streaks. Enjoy a sweet and complex flavour that makes this tomato an outstanding addition to any sandwich or stands alone nicely.

Available by the pound.


An absolutely beautiful French Heritage tomato, this heirloom-like oxheart shaped fruit has full, rich flavour and a meaty texture with little gel, making it perfect for sauces, canning and salsa.

Available by the pound.


Pure Raw Honey

Like fine wine, the flavor of honey varies from season to season, and is dependent on what bees feed on. All of our hives sit on wildflower meadows close to our vegetable plots and the honey is harvested at our farm by our own hands. We gently filter out any large solids to maintain pollens, and we DO NOT pasteurize the honey EVER in order to preserve the antioxidant benefits provided by nature. The 2018 Wildlflower honey featured a light, floral piquancy while 2019's first harvest presents deeper, rich, caramel notes.

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