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100% Pure Produce


Certified Biodynamic.

Everything we grow is 100% certified organic and biodynamic. But beyond utilizing organic practices, we have dedicated ourselves to implementing responsible and considerate methods of farming as well. We've taken the extra step of becoming Oklahoma's first and only certified biodynamic farm in order to educate others on how to be sustainable, and to restore health not only to consumers but to our planet as well. 

From seedlings to shelf, we take great care in every stage of our products. All of our produce is washed then packed in renewable and compostable crates made from plant-based materials. Down to the way we tie our bundles, we strive to leave behind as minimal a footprint as possible.

Take a look at the many products we offer at Yarrowhead Farms. We're confident we can provide your family, restaurant, or market the most diverse and freshest certified biodynamic line of food in the area.




Calypso Beans

With black and white variations reminiscent of the yin yang sign, these heirloom black beans are striking in appearance, creamy in texture and mild in taste.

Also available in 4" pot or 6-pack



Bulls Blood

Beautiful dark red/purple leaf for salad mixes; deep red, earthy flavor.


Superb sweet flavor, deep red and tender.


Long, cylindrical roots with fine texture and sweet flavor; great for pickling.

Guardsmark Chioggia

Unique and beautiful candy-striped beet with alternating rings of dark red and white.

Touchstone Gold

Gold root with mild flavor and vibrant colors that is retained when cooking. 




A traditional bright orange carrot, this flavorful and very sweet root exclaims fresh.

Available stand alone or in our Medley Bundle.


Slightly deeper orange in color, this carrot is lively and sweet providing quite the contrast of fresh taste against other carrots.

Available stand alone or in our Medley Bundle.

Deep Purple

Breathtakingly beautiful color on any plate, these carrots feature violet tones and exceptional flavor.

Available only in our Medley Bundle.


A refreshingly bright addition to our carrot varieties, Yellowbunch adds a burst of sunshine as well as sweet and a little bite to your plate.

Available only in our Medley Bundle.


Sunflower-yellow color with sweet, tender, mild flavor.

Cosmic Purple

Wine-colored skin with bright yellow or orange inside. Spicy-sweet in flavor.


Very sweet, slightly spicy. Red-purple exterior provides a striking contrast to its yellow-orange interior.

Black Nebula

One of the darkest carrots available; makes a stunning dark purple drink when juiced, when a squeeze of lemon is added it turns bright pink! Retains color after cooking. 

Pusa Asita

Potentially the world's richest plant-based source of anthocyanins (antioxidant with anti-vital, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer benefits); flavor is richer and sweeter than its orange cousins.


Bright glowing orange roots with full, sweet flavor.


Robust orange roots that are an excellent choice for using in sweet desserts (like carrot cake, yum).



Rainbow Chard

Large, firm leaves are mild, sweet, earthy and just slightly bitter; a bit milder than spinach. The stalks range from white, yellow, red, purple, pink, and striped that resemble flat celery with a sweet taste slightly reminiscent of beets.



Adam Gherkin

Fruits are blanketed with tiny spines in the true European 'cornichon' style. Great flavor, crisp texture, even color. Fruits are 2"-3".

Mexican Sour Specialty Gherkin

Cute, 1" long fruits look like miniature watermelons and taste like cucumbers with tangy citrus overtones.

Also available in 4" pot or 6-pack



Rosa Bianca Eggplant

A simply elegant eggplant from Sicily. Colorful, light pink-lavender fruit has a soft white shading and gently scalloped form. Rich, mild flesh has no bitterness.




Garlic Scapes

The green shoots of a garlic plant, use garlic scapes like you would scallions. When enjoyed fresh they impart robust garlic flavor and when cooked they become enticingly aromatic.

Available by the bundle.



An extra-hardy German variety, this garlic boasts jumbo cloves and a balanced taste between sweet and heat.

Available by single bulbs.


Herbs and Medicinal Herbs



Goes well with just about anything, cilantro is a savory staple in any kitchen.

Available in 1-oz bundles.



The taste of summer, a fresh addition to endless drinks, entrées and desserts.

Available in 1-oz bundles.



Pungent taste and aroma, deep, woody flavor.

Available in 1-oz bundles.

Sweet Basil

A slightly peppery to clove-like aroma and taste initially, this savory herb finishes sweet. Adds a delightful twist when paired with fruits.

Available in 1-oz bundles.

Garden Sage 

Even, woodsy flavor; edible, lovely, small lavender flowers appear in early summer with a mild and sage-like flavor. Flower spikes can be battered and fried or used on just about anything. Traditionally used for digestive problems and to improve memory. Annual. Available in 1-oz bundles.

Colorado Mix Yarrow

Shades of red, rust, beige, rose, yellow, apricot, and white this perennial supports beneficial insects. The above ground parts are used sparingly to make tea to induce sweating or for topical use in wound care.


Bouquet Dill

Packed with micronutrients, fiber and calcium. Edible seeds, flowers and greens. Annual.


Lemon Balm 

From the mint family with a sweet, lemony flavor and aroma. Perennial.

Calypso Cilantro 


Cardinal Basil  
Thai basil with purple stems and dark, purple-red flower bracts. Cinnamon/clove flavor with hints of anise; traditionally used for digestion. Annual but can re-seed.


Dolores Chives  

Slender, dark green leaves; excellent mild onion flavor used to garnish practically any dish. Perennial.


Garnet Red Amaranth  

Delicious edible microgreen or baby leaf greens; large, beautiful plants with garnet-red spires are magnificent. Annual.



Like valerian, edible leaves and flowers may be infused into tea to induce relaxation and aid in digestion. Perennial.



Leaves may be infused into tea to improve sleep and reduce stress; bears sweetly scented pink or white flowers. Perennial.


Anise Hyssop (Agastache) 

Perennial herb with edible leaves and flowers that boast a sweet lemony licorice flavor. Traditionally infused into a tea to decrease congestion. Wonderful for pollinators.


Korean Hyssop (Agastache)

(or "Korean Mint")

Edible leaves have a strong anise-like fragrance and is traditionally used in aiding digestion and combatting congestion. A pollinators dream. Perennial.


Golden Jubilee Hyssop (Agastache)

Has eye-catching chartreuse foliage, a heavily minted scent, and big purple bloom spikes from summer into fall. Hot weather intensifies the scent. Edible leaves are delightful in tea. Perennial.


Heather Queen (Agastache)

(or "Wild Hyssop", Hummingbird Mint")

This fragrant perennial herb has beautifully pink-red spikes and gray-green foliage; strong mint fragrance attracts pollinators all summer and fall.


Dark Orange-Red Safflower

Stiff, prickly plants can serve as a natural fence to keep animals out of the garden. Edible flowers are an excellent saffron substitute. Annual.


Wild Bergamot Bee Balm

The aromatic foliage is reminiscent of oregano and the flowers range in shades of Earl Grey to lavender and pink. Excellent for pollinators; has excellent antibacterial qualities, leaves traditionally used in teas to ease colds and digestive issues. Perennial.


Dark Purple Opal Basil

Italian basil (strong anise) flavor, beautiful deep-purple color; anti-inflammatory, traditionally used to ease insect bites and aid in digestion. Annual.

Available in 4" pot or 6-pack only



Green Sweet

A sweet palette that is succulent and crispy, this lacy green gives a change in texture that holds up to any dressing.

Available only in our Spring Mix.


Red Sweet

Like its greener cousin, Red Sweet lettuce looks delicate with it's double red leaves, but has a crunchy crisp bite to balance out the softer greens. The color is absolutely gorgeous when plated.

Available only in our Spring Mix.


Red Butter

A full bodied sweet and smooth lettuce with a soft crunch. Beautiful bright green fading into deep reds, it gives depth in color and flavor.

Available in our Spring Mix and rosette head.


Green Butter

This lettuce variety lives up to it's name with a smooth, sweet and buttery taste. A showcase green to brighten your bowl.

Available in our Spring Mix and rosette head.


Deer Tongue

Heirloom lettuce with excellent and robust flavour. Large tongue-shaped leaves give a unique appearance and texture to our Spring Mix.

Available only in our Spring Mix.


Red Romaine

Lettuce that tastes as bold as it looks. Lively green stems fade into deep red leaves. Gorgeous when plated.

Available in our Spring Mix and a compact head.


Lacy -  like Green Sweet - but heavier leaves.


Crisp, light green, extra wavy leaves with excellent flavor.


Coastal Star

Dark green romaine with good, sweet flavor.

Also available in rosette head.



Glossy green iceburg with white, juicy interior.

Also available in rosette head.


Red Fire

Sweet flavor with beautifully red frilly leaves.

Any and/or all varieties of lettuce are included in our Spring Mix and Salad Mixers at any given time. Quantity is determined by weather and availability.



Burgundy Okra

Pods and stems are a beautiful deep red. Very tender and delicious.

Also available in 4" pot or 6-pack



Lunchbox Mini Peppers

A miniature sized sweet and flavorable bell pepper for a crisp cold snack or a delicious sautéed addition to your main course.

Available by the pound.


King Arthur Bell Peppers

Large green to deep red sweet bells with thick walls.

Aji Charapita (Specialty) 

"the most expensive pepper in the world" this little Peruvian jungle native produces tiny, hot, round peppers; strong fruity flavor with citrus aroma, great for salsa; heat equal to a cayenne. Green to bright yellow.


Bangkok (Hot)

Fiery hot Thai chili, fresh at both green and red stages.


Early Jalapeño (Hot)

Open-pollinated fruits are of the smaller, traditional size.


Escamillo (Specialty Sweet) 

Italian, yellow fruit with intoxicating sweetness. Delicious any way it is prepared, but traditionally used for frying.



Large, flavorful green to bright red bell peppers.


Sweet Sunrise

Medium sized dark green to yellow-orange bell; flavor is both fruity and sweet.


Habañero (Specialty Hot)

Small fruits that combine extraordinary heat with fruity, citrus notes; ripens from dark green to salmon orange.


Hot Paper Lantern (Specialty Hot) 

Slightly larger than traditional habañeros that ripen to deep-red.


Red Rocket (Hot)

Attractive taper and bright red when dried. Flavor is sweet and hot. Quick drying for ristras.


Carmen (Specialty Sweet)

Notably sweet, best tasting Italian frying pepper. Excellent roasted, grilled, and in salad. Green to deep-red.


Dragon's Toe

Beautiful and convoluted in shape. Thin walls and sweet and mild heat, they are ideal for stir fries and salads. Green to red.

Also available in 4" pot or 6-pack




French Breakfast

Crisp texture and mild spicy flavor makes these medium sized radishes suitable for fresh use in salads, sandwiches or as a snack.


Pure white, crunchy and moderately spicy with the right amount of sweetness.


Tender and crisp, succulent, firm. Mild, only slightly peppery with almond-sweet notes.

Schwarzer Runder

Jet-black skin contrasts beautifully with pure white flesh; rich spicy flavor excellent for salads and crudités.

Cherry Belle

Mild flavor, bright red roots that are crisp and firm. Adds great flavor and crunch to salads.

Purple Plum

Color ranges from bright to deep-purple roots that contrast with the firm, crunchy, white flesh.




With smooth dark green leaves and delicate texture, this spinach is excellent fresh, or fares beautifully as a last minute touch to a consommé.

Available in personal and family portions.



The meatier texture of this very dark green spinach leaf is delightful and velvety when eaten raw, but also stands up to being sautéed while maintaining it's structure.

Available in personal and family portions.

Cherry Tomatoes


Sun Gold

One of our favorites at Yarrowhead, these bright tangerine-orange cherry tomatoes are exceptionally sweet with an intense fruity flavor that really can't be beat.

Available in pint and quart sizes and in our Salad Mixer.



A classic red cherry whose name says it all. These delectable little fruits add sweetness and color.

Available in quart and pint sizes and in our Salad Mixer.



Deep red grape tomatoes that boast unusually rich, fruit-like flavour.

Available in pint and quart sizes and in our Salad Mixer.



Bright and cheery, these cherry's are bold in color and flavor. Orange fruits are sweet and tangy and really make a splash to any dish.

Available in pint and quart sizes and in our Salad Mixer.


Black Cherry

Like it's name, these cherry's are almost black in color but have so much dynamic flavor, they resemble an heirloom.

Available in pint and quart sizes.


Like it's name, these cherry's are almost black in color but have so much dynamic flavor, they resemble an heirloom.

Available in pint and quart sizes.


Like it's name, these cherry's are almost black in color but have so much dynamic flavor, they resemble an heirloom.

Available in pint and quart sizes.

Cherry Bomb

Like it's name, these cherry's are almost black in color but have so much dynamic flavor, they resemble an heirloom.

Available in pint and quart sizes.

Micro Tom (in terracotta pot)

Dainty, dwarf, super-productive cherry tomato plant that is ideal for urban gardening, indoor plants, patios or for the tiny house garden! Determinate. 


Also available in 4" pot or 6-pack





Big, beautiful, beefsteak tomatoes, Fredrick is perfect for slicing. Boasts traditional flavor that is slightly tangy to sweet while maintaining balance. 

Available by the pound.



An absolutely beautiful French Heritage tomato, this heirloom-like oxheart shaped fruit has full, rich flavour and a meaty texture with little gel, making it perfect for sauces, canning and salsa.

Available by the pound.


Pink Berkeley Tie Dye

A work of art in itself, the fruit skins are dark pink with green striping while boasting pink flesh with yellow streaks. Enjoy a sweet and complex flavour that makes this tomato an outstanding addition to any sandwich or stands alone nicely.

Available by the pound.

Prudens Purple 

Large to very large (many over 1 lb.) fruits have vivid dark-pink skin with crimson flesh. Indeterminate.


Striped German (Heirloom) 

Medium to large tomatoes with marbled red and yellow interior looks beautiful sliced. Complex, fruity flavor and smooth texture. Indeterminate.



Medium sized thick-walled plums; ideal for fresh tomato sauces, salsas, and salads. Indeterminate.


Carbon (Heirloom)

Highly productive black heirloom with meaty texture and excellent flavor. Indeterminate.


Cherokee Green (Heirloom) 

Medium-size 8+ oz. green fruits acquire unique yellowish-orange color on the blossom end when ripe. Lots of bold, acidic, complex tomato flavor. Indeterminate.


Moskvich (Heirloom) 

Fruits are deep red, cold tolerant, and have rich flavor. Smooth and globe-shaped, medium sized 4-6 oz. Indeterminate.



Medium to large bright red fruits are rather soft but meaty with plenty of old-fashioned tomato flavor. Indeterminate



Beautiful orange cherry is an exceptional snacker with rich, balanced flavor and meaty bite. Indeterminate.


Rose (Heirloom) 

Deep pink and smooth, meaty and flavorful. Indeterminate.



Beautiful orange slicer that's sweet with firm flesh. Indeterminate.

Also available in 4" pot or 6-pack

Any information listed on this page has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.

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