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Flowers & Plants


Certified Biodynamic Vegetable

and Flower Plants 


We have made commercially available plugs and transplants for fellow farmers, but we are now offering select vegetables and flowering plants to the individual. All plants come in 4" reusable pots or 6-pack recyclable flats. From seed to stand, all of our plants are certified biodynamic and organically grown with open-pollination practices. All plants are GMO-free with ZERO toxic treatments. 

Vegetable Plants

Flower Plants


Honeywort (Kiwi Blue) 

An ancient flower grown in European gardens since the middle ages. This subtle stunner has cool silvery blue foliage and nodding indigo blooms. Annual but may self-sow.

Double Hollyhock (Carnival Rosy Red)  

Showy, deep rose color on plants that reach 6-7 feet in height and really crank out the color all season long! Annual or biennial.

Coleus (Rainbow Mix)

Evokes the spirit of Victorian gardens, this old-fashioned plant is perfect for any shady spot. The heart-shaped leaves come in many bright colors. Annual.


Salvia (Queen Mix)

Rosy pink and violet spikes are aromatic and nectar-rich, this mix is honeybee heaven! Easy to grow, bushy 2 foot tall plants fill in quickly; blooms May through September. Tolerates poor soil and loves full sun. Perennial.


Milkweed (Pink/Red) 

Rosy-pink flowers with sweet vanilla fragrance. May reach 5 feet tall in favored locations (CAUTION: The milky sap is poisonous if ingested in large quantities, and contact with the skin may cause dermatitis in sensitive individuals).


Cosmos (Velouette)

Unusual striping in rich crimson color that is offset by transparent white, each petal subtly different from the next. Plants reach 2 feet tall, and the blooms are profuse throughout the season. Annual but may self-sow.

Available in 4" pot or 6-pack only

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