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Product Description


Excitable, energetic and slightly hot tempered at times, this head strong queen rears a vigorous and competitive empire. She spends most of her time perfecting the craft of the artisans in her realm to showcase that she brings the best honey to the table. She's proud to flaunt that her colony has blue-ribboned the taste test three years in a row. 

Hive One

  • In addition to supporting and protecting your local bee population, you will also receive these fun benefits in return:


    • You get to name your hive queen

    • You will receive monthly updates on your hive (photos, details about the hive--strengths and struggles and actions taken)

    • You will have a choice of wildflower seed to be spread in the bee meadow. The seeds available are:

      • Indian Paintbrush

      • Butterflyweed

      • Coreopsis

      • Bee Balm

      • Pink Milkweed

    • At the end of the season (August) you will receive set of 4 custom-crafted cedarwood coasters personalized with wood-burned engraved Yarrowhead logo as well as a collector's edition 26oz. bottle of honey (actual weight may vary)

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