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Product Description


Bee calm, Hive on. If this hive had a theme song, it would be... Good Vibrations. Or rather Let it Be-e. This docile realm is of its own, pushed only by the breeze, content with taking the world as it combs. Her majesty prefers to make new bees when she feels like it and for the six weeks her summer bees are alive, they're enjoying every sight, sound and color around them like it's one giant picnic.

Hive Four

  • Yarrowhead now gives you the opportunity to sponsor your own bee hive for $150 a year. In addition to supporting and protecting your local bee population, you will also receive these fun benefits in return:

    • You get to name your hive queen

    • You will receive monthly updates on your hive (photos, details about the hive--strengths and struggles and actions taken)

    • You will have a choice of wildflower seed to be spread in the bee meadow. The seeds available are:

      • Indian Paintbrush

      • Butterflyweed

      • Coreopsis

      • Bee Balm

      • Pink Milkweed

    • You will receive set of 4 custom-crafted cedarwood coasters personalized with wood-burned engraved Yarrowhead logo

    • You will receive a collector's edition 26oz. bottle of honey at the end of the current year's harvest (actual weight may vary)

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