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Not to be mistaken for the Broad Breasted Bronze turkey, the Heritage (Standand) Bronze turkey has been around for most of American History. It originated by crossing the Wild Eastern Turkey with the domesticated turkeys brought over by early European Colonists. The cross resulted in a vigorous, larger turkey than the one brought over by the colonists and was tamer than the wild Eastern turkey. Colored the same as the Broad Breasted Bronze turkey they were known in the early 1700s but did not take the name of Bronze until in the 1800’s. It was recognized into the American Poultry Association in 1874.

The Heritage (Standard) Bronze took a back seat when the Broad Breasted Bronze became the commercialized favorite breed; however there were dedicated breeders who kept the Heritage (Standard) Bronze turkey alive with their efforts. The Heritage (Standard) Bronze is a longer living, slower growing turkey than the Broad Breasted Bronze; but is able to breed naturally and is very good at foraging. This makes them a favorite of the homesteader or family farmer. The average weight of a Heritage (Standard) Bronze tom is 25 lbs and the young turkey hen is 16 lbs, this can vary either way depending on turkey and feed.

Bronze Heritage Standard Turkey-Jenny Poult

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