Product Description


Prudens Purple - Large to very large (many over 1 lb.) fruits have vivid dark-pink skin with crimson flesh.

Striped German (Heirloom) - medium to large tomatoes with marbled red and yellow interior looks beautiful sliced. Complex, fruity flavor and smooth texture.

Granadero - medium sized thick-walled plums; ideal for fresh tomato sauces, salsas, and salads.

Carbon (Heirloom) - Highly productive black heirloom with meaty texture and excellent flavor.

Cherokee Green (Heirloom) - Medium-size 8+ oz. green fruits acquire unique yellowish-orange color on the blossom end when ripe. Lots of bold, acidic, complex tomato flavor.

Moskvich (Heirloom) - Fruits are deep red, cold tolerant, and have rich flavor. Smooth and globe-shaped, medium sized 4-6 oz.

Nepal - medium to large bright red fruits are rather soft but meaty with plenty of old-fashioned tomato flavor.

Rose (Heirloom) - deep pink and smooth, meaty and flavorful.

Marmalade - beautiful orange slicer that's sweet with firm flesh.



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Organic Tomatoes - Medium/Large