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All specialty hot peppers listed below are $0.25/oz Aji Charapita (Specialty) - "the most expensive pepper in the world" this little Peruvian jungle native produces tiny, hot, round peppers; strong fruity flavor with citrus aroma, great for salsa; heat equal to a cayenne. Green to bright yellow. Bangkok (Hot) - fiery hot Thai chili, fresh at both green and red stages. Early Jalapeño (Hot) - open-pollinated fruits are of the smaller, traditional size. Habeñero (Specialty Hot) - small fruits that combine extraordinary heat with fruity, citrus notes; ripens from dark green to salmon orange. Hot Paper Lantern (Specialty Hot) - slightly larger than traditional habeñeros that ripen to deep-red. Red Rocket (Hot) - attractive taper and bright red when dried. Flavor is sweet and hot. Quick drying for ristras. Dragon's Toe - beautiful and convoluted in shape. Thin walls and sweet and mild heat, they are ideal for stir fries and salads. Green to red.



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Organic Peppers - Hot 1 oz.