Product Description

Infused with pure peppermint and aromatic luxury. This ultra-hydrating lip balm features Yarrowheads' signature essential oil blend to soothe dry lips and promote healthy cells. For centuries, frankincense has been heralded as the "king of oils" for good reason. Its molecules are so small they penetrate beyond the blood-brain barrier, meaning they quickly deliver the benefits at a cellular level. Pair that with the soothing and invigorating effects of peppermint and you get an explosive combination of sweet-smelling antioxidants at your service. Not to mention it helps freshen your breath. So go on, apply generously. 0.15 oz. tube or 0.15 oz. tin 100% Natural *All luxury balms are packed in compostable tubes or reusable tins. To use tubes, insert pinky or pen in bottom of tube and push gently to advance balm.

Luxury Lip Balm - PEPPERBOMB.